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Erin Wallace, Launch, PIM Clinic, Women Together, REACH, Ivory Coast, Johnson University, Kenya, MOHI, Pangani Clinic, PDO, medical, global health

Erin Wallace: “Unexplainable Peace”

Erin Wallace is currently raising support to move to Ivory Coast where she will be serving with the PIM Clinic and Women Together programs. One of her greatest passions is living relationally and helping remind others of their worth, especially women and young girls. She is excited to be able to combine this passion with her work in Ivory Coast as she learns and lives in this new culture and way of life.

Erin grew up in Kernersville, North Carolina, where her participation in church outreach started a love for intercultural service. Her passion for serving others and aiding in holistic care was fostered throughout high school and Erin decided to study Global Community Health at Johnson University, Tennessee. While in college, Erin got connected to CMF and completed an 8-week internship with REACH in Nairobi, Kenya, where she got to work and learn in MOHI’s Pangani clinic after graduation.

Erin says that during college and up until she left for Kenya, she struggled greatly with anxiety.

“I was very nervous that my anxious tendencies would keep me from doing a lot of the things that I wanted to do,” she says. “But something happened at PDO (pre-departure orientation), and I just felt this overwhelming peace that I cannot explain—a comfort, that God’s got me no matter what.”

Erin says that this peace lasted throughout her entire REACH internship, and that her time in Kenya confirmed that she felt called to cross-cultural missions. Now, she is excited take what she learned there and apply it to her work in Ivory Coast.

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Erin Wallace, global health, Ivory Coast, Johnson University, Kenya, Launch, medical, MOHI, Pangani Clinic, PDO, PIM clinic, REACH, Women Together