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About Us

CMF International works to transform lives and communities by sending and supporting teams of missionaries from everywhere to everywhere.

CMF has remained faithful to Christ’s call to go out into the world and transform it for 70 years. We are always looking ahead to implement new strategies and move into new areas to share the gospel. Lives and communities can be transformed through the good news of the gospel in any corner of the world, from the slums of Africa and India, to the universities of Europe, and in the schools and neighborhoods of Asia.

Teamwork is an essential part of CMF’s strategies. All CMF personnel work as part of a team that includes mission colleagues on the field and local Christians. Each team plans and fulfills its ministry goals together, and its members support and encourage one another. 

Our team also includes U.S. churches that provide financial support and with whom we partner to develop specific strategies and projects for transformation. Our sending partners — the individuals and churches who make our ministries possible through their prayers, financial support and encouragement — are a key part of our team.

CMF International

CMF International
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