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Marketplace Ministries

Engage the Marketplace

Creative access, innovative thinking, transformational change. CMF Marketplace Ministries have teams across the globe placed in urban and rural environments that use their gifts and talents to reach people behind closed doors with the Good News of Jesus through intentional ministry and holistic development.

CMF Marketplace ministers are passionate about reaching the unreached where they work. They are teachers, engineers, community developers and much more. Team members also help engage local entrepreneurs to develop Kingdom businesses that lead to economic transformation.


Non-Traditional Service

Marketplace Ministers work in areas that are closed to traditional missionaries due to political, social, or religious reasons. Teams are composed of working professionals in fields like higher education or business where they share their expertise while carrying out intentional ministry where they live and work.

Economic Development as Missions

Other Marketplace Ministers focus on creating economic and spiritual transformation. A primary objective of these business–minded missionaries is to train and disciple future local entrepreneurs who will develop new Kingdom businesses.

Community Health Evangelism

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