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Build university student communities

International university campuses need Christian ministries where even the most skeptical students can belong. The mission of Globalscope is to transform the world’s university students through authentic and relevant campus ministry. Each Globalscope ministry is a place where everyone is made welcome and is free to ask hard questions about life and faith while experiencing Christian community.

Young men and women who have the desire to invest their lives in connecting this generation with God serve as Globalscope international campus ministers. University students can also apply to serve as an exchange intern for a semester at an international university served by Globalscope. Students who choose this opportunity will serve with an innovative campus ministry and have the support of a Christian community during their exchange semester.

For more than 20 years, our Globalscope teams have extended grace and hospitality in ways that have compelled students to follow Jesus. A day in the life of a Globalscope campus minister often looks like this:

  • Working closely with the ministry team to foster a welcoming community.
  • Leading and participating in groups and mentoring students.
  • Hosting events, giving talks, preparing meals and creating hospitable spaces for students.
  • Organizing creative group events, retreats and service projects that impact the broader community.
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships with students where Jesus-centered conversations can occur.

Interested in serving with us? Click on the button below to fill out an application.

Our Globalscope international campus ministers focus on key universities in major cities. These young leaders provide a Christian community and model authentic relationships with Jesus for the world’s most unreached generation.

Why Globalscope?

Mitchell Keys has been a student and a leader at Auburn Christian Fellowship and was inspired to consider Globalscope by the many former Auburn students who now serve in our campus ministries. “I want what they have!” he said. Now, he’s preparing to serve with the CMF team in Brisbane, Australia.

Hundreds of other university graduates have come to the same conclusion as Mitchell and decided to delay their career plans and devote their lives to helping international students on their faith journeys. These students need to find a place that fills the hole in their lives — a community of genuine friends that intersects with God — and Globalscope campus ministries exist to help them do that!

Our Globalscope Teams In Action

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