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Uruguay is a country of more than three million people located between Brazil and Argentina in southeastern South America. The mostly urban culture is known for its strong secularism and heavy emphasis on intellectualism.

Globalscope leaders saw the incredible need firsthand in a June 2012 trip to Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, which is home to 1.7 million people. CMF planted its eighth campus ministry in an area between two major university campus hubs in Montevideo, with a focus on La Universidad de la República – the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in the country.

Former staff members of the El Oasis campus ministry in Santiago, Chile, arrived in Uruguay in September 2015 to launch La Ruta, a pioneer campus ministry in the capital city of Montevideo. They were quickly followed by four other campus ministers to complete the team. The ministry grew quickly, and in 2018, they purchased and renovated a building that is the focal point of their ministry to a student body of about 100,000 young people, providing a space where students can be impacted by God’s love through experiencing a loving Christian community.

Here are some of the ways the team is making La Ruta known among college students and creating community:

  • Mate a lo Gringo is an opportunity for students to practice their English while getting to know students from other campuses.
  • Trivia Lunch is a “get-to-know-you” free lunch for students who come to play trivia at our campus house.
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