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Empower those in Poverty

CMF’s holistic ministries provides ways to break the cycle of poverty and share the love of Christ in rural and urban settings around the world. These types of initiatives are designed to minister to people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs with the gospel of Christ. Our overall goal is to promote the growth of transformational communities that will multiply the gospel influence.

Education and Community Sponsorship

Christian education is an important component of CMF’s holistic development efforts. A solid education not only leads to economic development, employment and stability, but so much more. For girls, an education is one of the key factors in raising them out of poverty, addressing issues of gender inequality, child marriage, and violence, reducing diseases and providing hope for the future. CMF has community sponsorship  programs in eight locations that not only provide education, nutrition and medical care, but transform families and whole communities.

Education and Sponsorship

Microfinance and Village Savings and Loans

Microfinance is a unique weapon in the fight against poverty. CMF works to enable those in poverty to develop and maintain their own small businesses while receiving Christian training and support. Village Savings and Loans programs have been instituted in several countries, where self-managed groups provide a safe place to save their money, access small loans, and have access to emergency funds, all with a foundation of gospel teaching and values.

Community Health Evangelism

We work with the ever-expanding populations of those in poverty using the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Disease, poor living conditions and sanitation are overwhelming issues in both the big-city slums and poor rural areas, and CHE helps people identify their needs, evaluate their God-given resources, and find solutions to improve their situations. The spiritual teaching that accompanies CHE training releases the power of Christ into the communities as people begin to understand God’s purpose and vision for their lives.

Community Health Evangelism
Medical ministry

Medical ministry

Our teams have included medical ministry within the framework of church planting and church growth for almost 75 years. In recent years the needs have exploded with the growth of urban poverty and worldwide diseases and pandemics, and many CMF teams have responded to the challenge. With our many partners, hundreds of clinics, hospitals and temporary sites serve thousands of people every year.

Water projects

The lack of access to safe water supplies is an ongoing crisis for more than a billion people in the developing world. CMF and our partners are committed to helping people around the world develop access to safe, pure water. In just Turkana, Kenya in 2023, the team is on schedule to drill 32 wells and install irrigation for another 100 families. The need is great as many more communities and families pray for access to clean water and irrigation for gardens.

Community Health Evangelism

Recent statistics project that 66 percent of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. This will be the largest unreached people group in the world. CMF’s holistic ministries provide ways to break the bonds of poverty and demonstrate the love of Christ in urban areas all around the world. The results have been amazing!

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