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Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

The Republic of Cote d’Ivoire is located on the western coast of Africa and is slightly larger than New Mexico. French is the official language, but there are over 60 native languages. Almost half the population follows Islam or traditional beliefs involving ancestor worship and magic with another 20% identifying as non-religious. While the country is a rapidly developing country the poverty rates in rural areas continue to rise.

Church Planting

The team works to grow transformational churches among the people of West Africa. Working with Ivorian led churches, team members serve as catalysts in disciple-making endeavors and train indigenous leaders in pastoral ministry to evangelize with the love of Jesus Christ to both Animistic and Muslim people groups. The team currently works in 20 different communities with established churches.

Healthcare Ministries

The team serves with a local clinic that offers routine patient care, laboratory services, maternity care, nutritional support, immunizations, HIV services, and physical therapy services. The team has brought to the community pelvic floor physical therapy, lymphedema care, as well as providing orthopedic rehabilitation. The team educates the local providers and helps to incorporate natural and surgical delivery options, including pelvic rehabilitation and education after delivery. The clinic provides a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) ministry in Abengourou and the surrounding villages as an integral part of the HIV patient follow-up care for more than 2,500 HIV+ patients and has been recognized as one of the premier follow-up programs in the country.

Serving Vulnerable Populations

The team works alongside local leaders who care for vulnerable populations through a community sponsorship program and a teen girls group called Women Together. 

The community sponsorship aims to share the love of Jesus in both word and deed. They provide school supplies, pay school fees, mentorship, educational outings, housing for children so they can attend school, summer school, spiritual care from pastors, CHE, emergency food support and more. Most of the children in the program have lost one or both of their parents and have been affected by HIV. 

Women Together is a program run by local social workers and midwives that teaches teen girls from all backgrounds about women's health and the way God views them and their bodies. Girls learn about subjects such as early forced marriage, human trafficking, FGM, as well as learning that they should be treated with respect and dignity. The leaders use this program to show girls that they can change the narrative and are surrounded by a community that can help them choose to live a life that honors God and their bodies. By giving the youth of the community love, care, and education we share the love of Jesus in a powerful way.


There are many areas of need including:

  • Leadership development and discipleship among the current churches
  • Church planting in the surrounding villages
  • Healthcare providers, especially specialists (dermatologist, pediatrician, nutritionist, physical therapist, gynecologist, etc)
  • Hospital/healthcare administration and management
  • Health care provider to lead girls sexuality, reproduction, and hygiene education group, Femme Ensemble
  • Village evangelism, Bible storying, and discipleship
  • Those with a passion and knowledge in agriculture
  • Entrepreneurs to work with cocoa farmers