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Long-term Service

Are you ready?

Is it your time to step out in faith and begin the journey to long-term overseas mission service?

Each person comes to this point in his life by a different path. For you, it may have been a short-term trip that opened your eyes to the need in the world, a great missions conference, or a call from God that He can use your gifts and talents in a specialized way in an intercultural context. Or you may have been part of an amazing campus ministry, or know a missionary who’s making a huge impact for God’s kingdom on earth.

God can and does use all of these ways to open hearts to becoming agents of change, joining Him in His work of transformation around the world.

The opportunities for intercultural ministry through CMF are ready and waiting for you. We want to help you put your passion for missions into action and will walk with you on every step of the journey. Let’s discover how we can serve together!

Interested in serving with us?

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Frequently asked questions about serving with CMF

Q: Who is CMF?

A: CMF is a global missions team that works to create and grow Christ-centered communities around the world. Our home office is in Indianapolis, but our team members work in 25 different countries. We have been a major force in missions for 75 years. We know how to prepare you to do the work God has called you to do and provide support as you get ready, as well as while you are on the field.

Q: What specific services does CMF provide for its team members?

A: We provide comprehensive services before, during and after your intercultural service. These include the following:

  • Assessment of your best fit for the field
  • Training and personal coaching for raising support
  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement benefits (four-year commitment)
  • Assistance with visas, work permits and other documents
  • Personalized print and digital media resources
  • Financial accounting services
  • Team support and accountability on the field
  • Assistance with maintaining partnerships with supporters
  • Extensive member care assistance
  • Continuing education
  • Crisis intervention
  • Counseling
  • Retreats
  • Personal development training
Q: How long is “long-term service?”

A: Long-term service at CMF is considered to be a commitment to serve at least one term of one to four years on the field.

Q: What will I do on the field?

A: Specific job descriptions vary by field, but many long-term CMF team members initially concentrate on language and culture and work as part of an experienced CMF field team. Each team member uses his or her skills and passions for a specific role in the ministry, focusing on accomplishing team goals.

Q: Why do CMF personnel work in teams?

A: Working with a team provides a community of people who hold one another accountable and encourage each other to stay active in ministry. Our personnel also have a team in the Indianapolis office who offer professional assistance with a variety of needs.

Q: Where can I serve with CMF?

A: CMF has teams in 25 countries doing a wide variety of ministries, including these:

  • Serve with the urban poor in Ethiopia or Ivory Coast, helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk children and people infected with HIV/AIDS. 
  • Live in a large city in Asia, where you will meet with groups of college students and young adults, teaching conversational English and finding opportunities to share the gospel through relationships.
  • Train locals in Mexico, Tanzania or England, empowering them to spread the Word of God among their own people and plant new churches among unreached peoples.
  • Build relationships with college students in Thailand, Germany or Chile, surrounding these young people with a community that loves them no matter what they believe.
  • Work in a variety of roles with our partners at Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya, to provide educational, medical, and spiritual resources for urban poor children and their families.

The variety of places to go and share in God’s work, and the diversity of people He is using to do that, gets broader every day. Let’s connect to see if the skills God has given you can be put to work on the mission field.