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Author: mikaela

Ethiopian evangelist uses ethnicity to share gospel with unreached people

Born in an area often divided by violent ethnic clashes, Jaldu overcame an extremely difficult early life to become a Christian. Now his ethnic background has shifted from being a hardship to an asset as he serves as a church planter with the Kristos Andinet (Unity in Christ) Church, CMF’s partner in church planting in rural Ethiopia, in a community that is closed to other evangelists.

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Garry and Linda Brock: Reflections on 44 years of service

In 1976, they were two kids from rural Oregon who wanted to serve God in Africa but didn’t have any idea how to set up and get started.

Fortunately for all, they connected with CMF as their support organization, and Garry and Linda Brock’s 44 years of ground-breaking mission work in Ethiopia, Kenya, the CMF office and Asia Marketplace Ministries took off.

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