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Gutierrez, Manuel, Kollette, Mexico, church planting Mexico

Manuel and Kollette Gutierrez: ‘We’re going to Mexico with CMF!’

Did Manuel and Kollette Gutierrez always plan to be missionaries?

For Manuel, it’s an emphatic “no!” But for Kollette, the daughter of missionaries, it’s a big “yes!”

“I can’t think of anything else in my life that would be more meaningful than telling people about Jesus,” said Kollette. “I’m excited about sharing ministry with my husband and kids. It’s exciting to see it as a family thing!”

Manuel, on the other hand, is the only Christian in his family, and he can’t wait to show them  a different life.

“I love my people and culture, and I want them all to share in the joy I found,” he said.

Watch and listen as this engaging couple shares their hopes and dreams as they prepare to join the CMF church-planting team in Mexico!


church planting Mexico, Gutierrez, Kollette, Manuel, Mexico