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Why focus on entrepreneurs?

Business, discipleship and reducing poverty

God-honoring business is at the heart of any approach to reducing poverty. A sustainable economic opportunity — a job —  allows a person to feed, clothe and educate his family, fix his roof and to save for the future. Ethical businesses serve people throughout their communities by producing goods and services that people need.

What’s more, godly business leaders have tremendous potential for impact at every level of the organizations they lead, if they will follow the example of Jesus and work as servant leaders. There is tremendous opportunity for transformation when focusing on future business leaders.


How you can help

Serve with us. If you are a recent college graduate with a strong interest in business and discipleship, we need you! Are you a mid-career person looking for a change? We need you! We need teams of missionaries who can come alongside existing CMF ministries to establish new business training academies, organize the program and network in the community.

Or, you can help fund a training center. Provide the initial funding for a training center and the materials, marketing and technology needed to properly equip the facility to attract and train local entrepreneurs.

Sound like a match with your skills and interests? Can you refer us to someone with experience working with entrepreneurs? Has God provided you with the ability and heart to fund this Kingdom-focused initiative? Contact us for more information.

Train and disciple future entrepreneurs

A primary objective of our marketplace ministries is to foster economic transformation and discipleship through the development of Kingdom businesses. In many countries, the challenge is that entrepreneurs have little business training, support or access to capital, which hampers the development of quality jobs in the local economy.

To address these issues on CMF fields, we have partnered with Sinapis, a Christian organization whose mission is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship. Sinapis is a business accelerator program that provides early stage entrepreneurs with advanced business training integrated with Kingdom business principles, intensive mentorship and the opportunity for seed capital.

Sinapis focuses exclusively on small and medium enterprises by providing a holistic training program and intensive 16-week curriculum, including an emphasis on discipleship in the workplace. By partnering together, we merge CMF’s established ministries and strong discipleship focus with Sinapis’ Kingdom-based business training to transform entrepreneurs and the business culture for the glory of God.

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