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Marketplace Mexico’s training impacts local tortilleria

The Marketplace Mexico team has been hard at work reaching local entrepreneurs in Mexico City, largely through the nine-week training program, Aspire, that they lead. This program is geared toward helping new entrepreneurs create a business model and apply business principles that reflect a biblical, people-before-profit worldview.

The team is already witnessing many stories of success- entrepreneurs turning into business owners, and business owners turning into impactful community leaders.

One such story is that of Jorge and Johanna, a couple who went through Marketplace Mexico’s Aspire training. Jorge had been in the tortilleria (tortilla-making) business for several years, and at one point, was managing over 300 tortilleria businesses. He decided to leave that company a few years ago after deciding he was unhappy with the way they were treating their customers and employees. He and Johanna now own their own tortilleria business, Tortillerias Tlaxcalli, which has now expanded to two locations. Since going through the Aspire course, they’ve been more intentional about weaving their faith into their business, improving conditions for their employees, and managing their finances.

Jorge and Johanna are dedicated to not taking part in corrupt business practices and prioritizing their employees, even at the sacrifice of profit, and this has set them apart as a business in their community. They’re now planning to open even more locations with the hopes of continuing to honor God through their business and create good jobs in their community.

“These are the kind of stories that we have been hoping and praying for to come out of our ministry. We also don’t believe this is the end of the story," said Josh Durand, CMF missionary working with Marketplace Mexico. "We are so excited to see the impact that Jorge and Johanna will have for the gospel as they continue to grow their business and serve their community.”

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