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Marketplace Ministries Mexico City

Reaching Mexico’s business leaders for economic transformation and discipleship.

  • Our Team

    CMF is launching an exciting new ministry to business professionals in Mexico City!

    Our team of CMF missionaries will use training materials from CMF partner Sinapis, a Christian organization that has created a business training program for fledgling entrepreneurs. The team will develop an Academy that will offer this elite yet accessible program in Mexico City.

  • Our Strategy

    Aspire: A nine-week program helps new entrepreneurs create a business model and apply Kingdom Business principles. This will launch in 2021.

    Academy: Business owners are guided over 16 intensive weeks to apply both the Gospel and foundational business principles to their existing small businesses. Preparations for launch begin in 2021.

  • Discipleship

    Entrepreneurs are taught the good news of Jesus and how to live it out in the workplace. The goal is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.

    Holistic Focus

    Effective Training

    The training equips business owners to launch healthy companies and provide good jobs by leading as servants, following the example of Jesus. The curriculum is adapted for the culture of Mexico City.


    Our network of relationships offers training, coaching and accountability to support the development of entrepreneurs.

    Sinapis Training Works!

    74% of graduates are still in business three years after program.

    81% average business growth in revenue for Sinapis grads after one year.

    3,360 new jobs created by Sinapis grads.

    27% of grads report new followers of Christ through their business.

    64% of grads launch spiritual programs in their community.

    68% of graduates incorporate faith into their business.

    Why Mexico City?

    Pre-pandemic, Mexico City was a business powerhouse in Latin America and home to a large entrepreneurial community. Now, the effects of COVID-19 are deeply felt in Mexico’s business community. As economies restart in the months to come, supporting job creation will be a critical need.

    Entrepreneurs who enroll as Academy students will encounter Scripture and prayer as a significant part of their training and an academy staff of CMF missionaries who will offer additional discipleship via Bible studies and group accountability.

    CMF’s Marketplace Ministries team will be in the right place at the right time to help business owners serve the physical and economic needs of their employees and customers, as well as their need to encounter Christ.

    Why Businesses?

    While relief is appropriate in emergencies, it is long term development — featuring a clear proclamation of the Gospel and discipleship — that creates transformation.

    Development in the business world should be focused on small and growing businesses (SGBs), which are a crucial part of economies, particularly new job creation and especially for women. Small and growing businesses account for up to 80% of new jobs worldwide.

    How can you help?

    A long-term Marketplace Ministry team is preparing for service in Mexico City to launch this new ministry! You can be a part of this innovative initiative through your support of these missionaries.

    Olivia Shank

    Mariana Luna

    Josh Durand

    You can support the Entrepreneur Training Academies here.

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