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Economic Development as Missions

God-honoring business is at the heart of any approach to reducing poverty. A sustainable job allows a person to feed, clothe and educate his or her family and save for the future. Ethical businesses serve people throughout their communities by producing goods and services that people need. And believers in the business world have considerable opportunity to influence their workplaces and communities with the Gospel.

Marketplace missionaries working in economic development serve at the intersection of entrepreneurship and discipleship. They use their business skills and experience to help local entrepreneurs develop businesses that display the Kingdom and help develop a sustainable, holistic approach to poverty reduction led by the members of the community.

You can learn more about CMF’s holistic approach to economic development as missions in this brief video.

Do you have a passion for business? God can use your skills and experience to help create holistic community transformation through Kingdom-based principles. If God is calling you to serve, fill out the pre-application or contact us for more information.

CMF is launching a new business-as-mission Academy in Mexico City

The academy will help new and existing entrepreneurs develop Kingdom businesses that lead to economic and spiritual development.  Click to learn more about this unique opportunity to use your business education and expertise with CMF!

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