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Chiang Mai, Thailand, Child Community

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Children who receive care from Hope Home fall into three basic groups:

Hope Home
These children with disabilities are wards of the Thailand Social Welfare Department and are full-time residents at Hope Home. All of their care is provided through the work of Hope Home. These children will remain at Hope Home until they are adopted, fostered long-term by a Thai family, or pass away.

Foster Care
These children with disabilities live in independent foster families supported by Hope Home. In this situation, the children live in a typical family unit, but Hope Home supports the foster family with education fees, basic daily living help, and assistance in navigating life with a special needs child. The type of help varies, based on the family situation, but most often it includes after-school care, school tuition and fees, and medical care. These children live in the immediate neighborhood of Hope Home.

Respite Care
These children live with their biological families in a community (village) setting. Hope Home provides a variety of services based on the family’s needs, including tangible support (milk), transportation to school, help in navigating the hospital and educational system, family support through education and knowledge, and breaks for the parents as needed.

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