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Canvas, Birmingham, England, Globalscope, campus ministry, Tom Gallant

In-person ‘Week of Fun’ caps Canvas Birmingham year!

As their university term came to an end, students in the Globalscope Canvas ministry in Birmingham, England, finally were able to spend time in person together. So, the Canvas team — Tom and Jenna Gallant, Luke Caldwell and Taylor Batte — decided to show the students how much they are loved and valued with a “Week of Fun.”

“We gave them a variety of exciting activities and opportunities where we could spend time together every day for a week, and none of it was online!” said Tom. “We managed to work with the restrictions in the U.K. to do all of it safely in person, which was amazing as some of our students had only ever met and spent time together over Zoom before!”

Activities included a waffle brunch at the Canvas house, a scavenger hunt, the trampoline park, and a day at the local park for “rounders, slacklining, BBQ, Frisbee and lots of quality time together,” added Tom.

The team finished out the week with the year-end Celebration Dinner.

Canvas, Birmingham, England, Globalscope, campus ministry, Tom Gallant
Young Eden Gallant, daughter of Tom and Jenna of the Canvas campus ministry team in Birmingham, England, is the center of attention at a picnic in the park during the year-end Week of Fun at the ministry.

Canvas, Birmingham, England, Globalscope, campus ministry, Tom Gallant
These graduating students were celebrated at the year-end Celebration Dinner at the Canvas campus house in Birmingham, England. Two of the graduates are pursuing internships with partner campus ministries in the U.S.

“Students shared a delicious three-course meal and celebrated the highlights of the week and their time at Canvas,” said Tom. “We also recognized our graduates.”

The Canvas team was impressed at the way the community bonded during the Week of Fun.

“Every day, once the programmed events finished, the students wanted to stay and hang out, chatting about their lives, sharing what they will miss as the grads move on and delving into deeper conversations of life and faith,” said Tom.

“We are so proud of how this community has not let the pandemic and lockdowns prevent them from getting to know one another and care deeply for each other,” he added. “We are so excited to see it we continue to grow with the many students who remain for next year!”

Top photo: The Canvas team in Birmingham, England, took the student leaders from this past year to a local “funfair” as thanks for their hard work and commitment to Canvas this year.

Birmingham, campus ministry, Canvas, England, Globalscope, Tom Gallant