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Author: danl

Reframing the Fellowship for the Next 75 Years

This year we are celebrating 75 years of faithful partnering in God’s mission through CMF! We need your continued partnership for the next 75 years, which we believe will be increasingly marked by equipping and resourcing missionaries God is calling from all around the world to join our CMF teams.

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The Dignity of Tortilla Making

Isabel Miller is currently raising support to join our Marketplace Ministries team in Mexico City, a team that teaches business owners to live out their faith in the workplace with the goal of making disciples and alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship. Here she shares the story of one graduate of the program who is making a lasting difference in the communities he serves.

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Holes in the Window

Luke Dove is a CMF missionary working with Cada Niño, a ministry which serves at-risk children in the slums of Guatemala City — areas that are continually plagued by violence, gangs, extortion, and murders. As the youth pastor, Luke works with the team to create long-term change in the lives of children and their families. Here he shares a story of love and loss in their community.

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Unfolding Globalscope South Africa

Our Globalscope international campus ministries started as a dream to reach college students in major university towns around the world, places where few opportunities existed for young people to explore faith in a loving and accepting community. Now, over 20 years later, Globalscope campus ministers are welcoming students into 14 different campus houses, in 10 countries.

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Sophie Anthony to Help Launch a New South Africa Ministry

Sophie Anthony will soon graduate with a degree in Human Health from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and in her four years of college, she has had multiple experiences that have shaped her. She interned at a church serving vulnerable populations, volunteered as a coordinator at a food pantry, spent a summer as a REACH intern at CMF’s Globalscope campus ministry in Uruguay, and even participated in a month-long study abroad program in South Africa.

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