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Marketplace Ministers work in both urban and rural areas of three countries in Asia that are closed to traditional missionary activity due to political, social or religious reasons. Our teams are composed of professionals who share their expertise in the fields of business and education, as well as being salt and light where they live and work.

Evangelism in a closed country is a slow process that can only be accomplished through long-term relationships, but the ultimate goal of the CMF teams in Asia is to help make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ and transform lives and communities in His name.

Here are just a few of the ways CMF Marketplace team members work and serve:

  • Teach English and Christian values in schools for urban migrant children.
  • Lead small group English clubs/Bible studies for adult nationals.
  • Disciple nationals to become leaders in their churches and in community projects.
  • Work as an engineer in a multinational company, building relationships with national co-workers.
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses to provide health services and educational scholarships for migrant children.
  • Partner with authorized churches to provide teaching on family relationships and other topics.
  • Provide family services to the rural poor.
  • Teach in a large university.
  • Lead small group Bible studies in their neighborhoods.
  • Use art-making as a way to build relationships with other artists’ groups in a large city.
  • Teach Community Health Evangelism (CHE) principles in isolated communities so people can contribute to their family’s incomes and their country’s development.
  • Train poor farmers in animal husbandry skills.
  • Educate community leaders on domestic violence laws.
  • Equip the local church to serve and impact communities with the good news of Jesus.


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