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5 Ways You Can Explore Missions with CMF

Maybe missions has been on your mind since that short-term trip you took in high school. Maybe it wasn’t on your radar until you heard a missionary speak at your church and you felt that tug on your heart. Whatever path you’re on, we’re here to walk alongside of you as you consider whether God is leading you to mission service. Our teams of missionaries serve in countries all over the world doing a wide variety of ministries. We’ve got campus ministers, accountants, teachers, preachers, engineers, and everyone in between. Maybe our next missionary is you!

Below are five different ways you can explore what life and ministry with CMF on the mission field could look like for you.

Check out our series on missions.

We get it. It’s a big decision. You feel a pull towards missions, but you’ve got lots of questions. That’s why we’ve created a 5-part video series to help you take the next right steps in your consideration of international mission work. From finding your personal niche in ministry, to raising support, to explaining your calling to family and friends, each video features a different CMF staff member who is a professional in this work. They will walk you through core topics when beginning your journey with intercultural ministry and provide valuable advice, as well as tangible action items for each step.

In addition to the videos, each topic includes a worksheet to help you process what you’re hearing along with resources to go even deeper. Visit this page to read more about this completely free, no strings attached series and watch an introductory video.

Watch some short videos from our teams.

Several of our teams have created 30-second videos to share some of the opportunities they have available to serve with them. We’re creating more videos all the time and putting them on our YouTube channel, so check back often. Here are several you might want to take a look at:

Explore a list of field needs.

Each of our teams complies a list of roles they would love to have on their teams. It’s not an exhaustive list, and we can use people with all sorts of educational and work backgrounds, but it could be that you find you’re just the person we’re looking for. Check out our list here.

Sign up for a monthly e-newsletter.

We’ve put together a monthly e-newsletter especially for people who are considering missions service, and we’d love to send it right to your inbox. It details field opportunities, shares advice and stories from missionaries serving on the front lines, has resources to better equip you for service, and much more. Click on this link and sign up for the “Is Missions for Me?” e-newsletter.

Talk to us!

You can always reach out to us, and we’d be happy to discuss your interests, how long you might want to serve, what areas of the world you feel most connected to, and what types of ministries might be a good fit. We can even talk about specialized short-term service opportunities designed for you to experience life and ministry on the field and to become better equipped for longer service.

We’ve been connecting people to God’s global mission for 75 years, and we’re ready to come alongside you too. Fill out this brief form and we’ll contact you!

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