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Maybe it’s something that captured your attention as a kid, and you grew up thinking this would be the direction your life would take. Maybe it’s been a slower process for you- or maybe even a hard pivot from what you thought your life would be. Regardless of your pull to international missions, it can be a daunting prospect. Where do you even begin?

We’ve created a 5-part video series to help you take the next right steps in your consideration of international mission work. From finding your personal niche in ministry, to raising support, to explaining your calling to family and friends, each video features a different CMF staff member who is a professional in this work. They will walk you through core topics when beginning your journey with intercultural ministry and provide valuable advice, as well as tangible action items for each step.

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Check out this introductory video from CMF staff member Jake Moore to get a taste of what the series is like:


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Explore the five topics covered:

Jake Moore spent years doing ministry in Ethiopia and now serves as our Director of Mobilization. He shares three techniques that you can use to discover your best fit in intercultural ministry. 

Erin McDade served in Mexico with CMF, and now serves as the Director of Advancement at CMF. In this video, she breaks down what can be the intimidating process of support-raising, giving both practical tips and perspective shifts. 

Juli Duvall-Jones served in Côte d'Ivoire for several years and is now our Director of Missionary Care and Development. Kait Jones served in Ethiopia, and now is our Third Culture Kid Care Coordinator. In this video, they share about how to stay healthy and engaged in intercultural ministry, as well as the resources that CMF has in place for preparing and supporting children through this process.  

Kami Reed served in Mexico with CMF, and now serves as our Director of Globalscope. In this video, she tells her story of going from getting her business degree to a career in international campus ministry, and how family and friends are often surprised and skeptical to hear about this sort of life change.  

Kip Lines served in Kenya for several years as a missionary, and now is our Executive Director. In this video, he shares his personal experience of deciding to move to Kenya, as well as advice for how to discern if you are being called into intercultural missions.