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Seth McManus to help launch new campus ministry in South Africa

Through several years of research, planning, vision trips and relationship-building, Seth McManus is planning to help start a Globalscope campus ministry in Gqeberha, South Africa, to empower and serve students at Nelson Mandela University.

Previously, Seth worked with CMF as a REACH summer intern to Kenya in 2017, and as the REACH internship coordinator for 4 years. Now, he’s working on building up a team to help begin Globalscope South Africa.

Seth, CMF staff, and staff from Common Ground Midtown (a church in Indiana where Seth has worked and served during his time living in Indianapolis) went on three vision trips to South Africa, meeting with local churches, organizations and university faculty and students, before landing on Gqeberha as the perfect location for this new campus ministry.

“In South Africa, there is a lot of diversity, and there's a really unique story for all of that diversity. That presents a lot of challenges and a lot of history that's difficult. And in addition to understanding and wrapping my mind around that difficult history, there's also a ton of beauty in that, in the way that people welcome each other, the way that they've welcomed me, and the way that they've invited me in,” Seth said. “We've taken three trips to South Africa, and each time we’ve just been met with a spirit of welcome and invitation. And we’ve experienced that across the board in multiple cities and multiple places. So, I think the hospitality, the warmth and the diversity of South Africa, is something that's incredibly beautiful. And the more I sort of immerse myself in that, the more I'm drawn to it and the more that it changes who I am and what I value and even my outlook on other people and life.”

Support Seth’s work with this new ministry here. Watch the video below to learn more about him and his passion for this campus ministry in South Africa.

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