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Sarah Lemke: Serving with Globalscope

Though she is still discerning where she will end up, Sarah Lemke is preparing to serve at a Globalscope campus ministry location.

Sarah recently graduated from Bushnell University with a degree in Bible and Theology. She first got connected with CMF during her sophomore year at Bushnell, where she learned about their summer REACH internship program.

“I’ve been wanting to do missions for most of my life,” Sarah said. “When I first became a Christian that was always something that was on my mind.”

Over the summer of 2022, Sarah was a REACH intern in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and in 2023, she was a REACH intern with the Globalscope campus ministry in Brisbane, Australia. Since then, she has felt God calling her back to Globalscope.

“So after my experience in Australia and getting to experience what Globalscope was like, I really got to see the impact that having this community had on students. A lot of students experience loneliness as they're leaving their homes for the first time... And that really connected with my own experience of being in college and leaving home and trying to figure out how to make friends. And I just saw how important it was for these students to have this place that they could go and build community and have friends and have some mentorship-- and also to learn about God...  So just seeing the impact that [this community] had on them and how much I would have liked to have that at my college, I now really would like to be doing that full time.”

Help support Sarah’s fundraising efforts here, and watch the video below to learn more about her and her passion for intercultural campus ministry!

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