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Raelyn Nicholson, Kenya, MOHI, medical, dental, vision, health mission

Raelyn Nicholson: ‘God is moving through MOHI Health Mission!’

The Missions of Hope (MOHI) Health Mission launched many critical health initiatives this fall that sent CMF team member Raelyn Nicholson running here, there and everywhere across Kenya.

Raelyn, who serves as the Health Quality Assurance and Liaison Coordinator for MOHI, reports that she and the MOHI health team are “seeing big transformation from their marathon schedule!”


The Health Mission hosted a 38-person Global Health Outreach medical team in September. It was composed of medical professionals from across the U.S., plus eight pastors from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Arizona. Their goal was to treat students and staff and empower the MOHI providers, as well.

“Though the most taxing week of the year, the impact was immense,” said Raelyn. “We provided free dental and optical services, cervical cancer screenings and treatment, cardiac care and more for 632 MOHI staffers. A true blessing in Kenya, where health services are quite expensive.”

The visiting team also screened 969 students for common preventable health conditions, including dental cavities, malnutrition, infections and anemia.

“Every student assessed was diagnosed with more than two health conditions,” Raelyn said. “We then held parent meetings and used the screenings to prompt them to make changes in their homes to prevent diseases and keep their children healthy.”

Raelyn Nicholson, Kenya, MOHI, medical, dental, vision, health mission
Over a period of five days, 682 MOHI staff members were treated by a team of visiting medical and dental specialists in Kenya.

Raelyn Nicholson, Kenya, MOHI, medical, dental, vision, health mission
MOHI health team members meet with the parents of school students to discuss disease prevention at the Kariobangi center in Nairobi.

Nutritional deficiencies

In August, after several assessments, Raelyn and the team felt that the obstacles to treating malnutrition seemed insurmountable.

“But God answered our prayers in a big way,” she said. “In September, the Health Mission received a donation large enough to cover the 2021 expenses to treat students with severe acute malnutrition.”

Currently, 12 students are receiving the treatment, and within two weeks transitioned from severe to moderate malnutrition — an amazing result.

“I can’t express how encouraging this is for the nutritionist and me,” said Raelyn. “Parents now have renewed hope for their children’s futures.”

In addition, 192 students were diagnosed with anemia (22 percent of students) and placed on a school-based iron supplement. The team is expecting to see improvement within 60 days.

Raelyn Nicholson, Kenya, MOHI, medical, dental, vision, health mission
These children are being treated successfully for acute malnutrition with therapeutic foods.

Raelyn Nicholson, Kenya, MOHI, medical, dental, vision, health mission
This Kenyan student received badly-needed glasses as part of the MOHI vision project.

Vision project

The health team has also initiated a new partnership with Kenyan opticians and assessed 79 students with visual impairments. So far, 17 students have received corrective lenses.

“We suspect that last least 10 percent of all MOHI students — 2,000 kids — need glasses,” said Raelyn.

God is moving through MOHI!

Since June, Raelyn has worn many different hats: case manager, nutritionist, school nurse, clinic coordinator, statistician, optician and even camp counselor!

“I am so thankful the Lord has given me abundant energy and kept me healthy,” she said. “God is moving through this ministry, and I am so happy that we are a part of it.

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