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Joel Williams, Turkana, Kenya, DBS, disciple-making

Kenyan disciples-makers: ‘Reaching places missionaries cannot go!’

A team of disciple-making trainers in Turkana, Kenya, traveled across Lake Turkana last week to hold two trainings in Marsabit and Samburu counties, reports CMF team member Joel Williams.

Joel Williams, Turkana, Kenya, DBS, disciple-making
A DBS group meets for prayer and Bible study in Turkana, Kenya.

“Lead trainer Cephas and his team held a level two training in an area they opened about a year ago and a level one training in a new target region,” said Joel. “Participants spent time in the villages praying, leading Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) in homes and sharing their testimonies.”

So far in 2021, the team has had 12 trainings with about 1,000 attendees.

“God continues to work in the lives of the disciple-makers to reach new areas and make more disciples every day,” said Joel. “We now have groups in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and the U.S.!

“The trainers continue to grow in independence and prepare for the day when they can do it without us,” he added. “God is answering our prayers to see Kenyans become missionaries to their own people, and they are already reaching places we could not go!”

DBS, disciple making, Joel Williams, Kenya, Turkana