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Mary Stephens, Viña del Mar, Chile, El Oasis, campus ministry, CCF, Globalscope

Mary Stephens: ‘I’m going to Chile with Globalscope!’

Mary Stephens loves the Chilean culture, especially the fact that when you make a Chilean friend, you are automatically considered a part of their circle of friends.

“A sense of belonging is important to me,” Mary said. “That’s why I’m joining the new El Oasis team in Viña del Mar, Chile, to help build a brand-new campus ministry. I want to help create a community where university students, who are often living alone or with strangers, can encounter authentic love.”

Mary also hopes to use her love of cooking in her ministry and asks you to send her your favorite recipes!

Enjoy her delightful video here.




campus ministry, CCF, Chile, El Oasis, Globalscope, Mary Stephens, Viña del Mar