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Preston Coursey, Thailand, microfinance, agriculture

In Thailand: ‘God is at work ahead of us!’

When CMF team member Preston Coursey and his community development team in rural Thailand began to pray that God would open the way for more personal relationships with people in the village, he was amazed at how quickly his prayer was answered.

“We know that the gospel is best heard in the context of relationships,” said Preston. “And we have seen God begin to move already!”

Preston and his two Thai teammates, Montree and New, run a community development and microfinance program in a small village.

“Most farmers in the region have to borrow money from a lender at the beginning of planting season, and then have to repay serious interest on their loans whether their crops make a profit of not,” said Preston. “Our program gives small, interest-free loans to participants who commit to attend our program, where we discuss budgeting, project management and farming best practices.

“We also talk through Proverbs to help them see how God wants to bless His people with insight and wisdom,” added Preston.

During this next year, Preston, New and Montree hope to take the group to the next level, both in relationships with the participants and the depth of discussions. So, they were surprised and pleased when the village leader asked the men to visit his home.

“He said he wanted to get to know us on a deeper level,” said Preston. “We had not shared our desire to spend more time with the villagers, and here was someone inviting us!

“God is truly amazing,” added Preston. “It was a great reminder that God is at work ahead of us and is leading people’s hearts to Him!”

agriculture, microfinance, Preston Coursey, Thailand