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Ministry goes on in Tübingen campus house as team preps for new semester

Even though life in Tübingen, Germany, slows down in August and September while the local university is on summer break, new campus minister Kathryn Wurst has learned that the Unterwegs campus house rarely stays empty for long.

“Many days when I popped in to take care of something, I would find students meeting to cook dinner together or playing card games,” she said. “Some students hosted birthday parties in our space while others organized a clothing swap, all without the initiation of a staff member.”

Globalscope, Tübingen, Germany, Kathryn, Wurst, campus ministry
This sign hangs on the wall of the Unterwegs Tübingen campus house. It says, "Unterwegs is a Christian student group. For us that means we are open for everyone. Regardless of what you believe, you have a place here."

The Tübingen team used September as a time to prepare for the next semester.

“We selected a theme for our faith-based Thursday night events and discussed new ways to lead our students closer to Jesus,” said Kathryn. “Even with all this planning, we are praying that God uses this semester in ways we cannot imagine.

“Our team may pour its time, energy and talents into loving, teaching and challenging our students, but we know we are only one piece of the puzzle,” she added.

One of the ways the team invited students to go deeper is through leadership groups.

Globalscope, Tübingen, Germany, Kathryn, Wurst, campus ministry
The café space at Unterwegs is rarely this empty!

“These groups of students serve with events or around the house,” said Kathryn. “It gives us the opportunity to teach them about hospitality, teamwork, grace and discipleship through leadership. Last semester some students learned to go outside their comfort zones by speaking in front of a large group for an event, while others prayed together for the first time.

“These groups provide opportunities for our team to show the students the ways God has been working in their lives in ways they may not have previously recognized,” she added.

If you’d like to help the Tübingen team provide hospitality and model authentic Christianity to German university students go here to give.

campus ministry, Germany, Globalscope, Kathryn, Tübingen, Wurst

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