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EWAR, Ethiopia, Ted Bertleson, at-risk women, coronavirus, pandemic, masks

Ethiopian women change direction to save their ministry

When the Ethiopian government shut down the economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the leaders of the Ellilta Women at Risk (EWAR) ministry to women in Addis Ababa wondered if their organization could survive.

EWAR, Ethiopia, Ted Bertleson, at-risk women, coronavirus, pandemic, masks
The women at EWAR usually create beautiful scarves and jewelry to sustain their ministry, but switched to making masks on a government contract when the pandemic came to Ethiopia.

“With that order in place, the women who were in the training programs at EWAR, many of whom have been rescued, with their children, from street prostitution, could no longer make and export the scarves and jewelry that are vital in the self-sustainability of the program,” said former CMF missionary Ted Bertleson. “Overnight, their income went to zero, and stayed there for 90 days.”

Since leaving the field in 2019, Ted and his wife Jennifer continue to promote and support the ministries and projects, like EWAR, that they were involved with while serving in Ethiopia. So, they called on the ministries’ faithful partners for help.

“Our partners heeded God’s call and were able to fully fund the projects for 90 days,” said Ted. “During that time, EWAR obtained a government contract to make masks to sell to the seven million people in Addis Ababa who are struggling through the pandemic.

“The ministry is now back on track and is able to provide for the women in the project,” added Ted. “This project is tangible proof that we are all one family serving one awesome God to bring hope and healing!”

at-risk women, Coronavirus, Ethiopia, EWAR, masks, pandemic, Ted Bertleson

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