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Craig Fowler, Ethiopia, KAC, Nekemte, training, leadership

Ethiopian evangelists: ‘We love our partnership with CMF!’

Emiru Marga and Essey Negeri are key evangelists and gospel workers in CMF’s ministry to the Oromo people in Ethiopia, says team leader Craig Fowler.

“Emiru, who’s been in ministry for 30 years, works for the Kristos Andinet Churches (KAC), our partner in ministry here,” said Craig. “Essey is a crucial worker for CMF in Ethiopia.”

Craig got together with the two men recently on the KAC property, which is the site of a building used for three-to-five-day church leadership trainings every month.

You can enjoy their conversation, which explains why the partnership and the trainings are so important, in the video (with subtitles) below.

Craig Fowler, Ethiopia, KAC, leadership, Nekemte, training