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Will Sallee, Laura Sallee, Globalscope, campus ministry, En Vivo, Salamanca, Spain

En Vivo Salamanca: ‘Staying consistent and seeing growth!’

Stringent government restrictions in Spain have not stopped the En Vivo Salamanca campus ministry team from deepening current relationships and reconnecting with students who had drifted away from the ministry, says campus minister Will Sallee.

“During most of the semester we had to close our location completely,” said Will. “So, we’ve been intentional with the small number of students we have. We’re going on walks and giving our students things to put on their calendars instead of Netflix! Many nights during the week we have one or two students over for dinner, too.”

One student in particular, Ana (a pseudonym) has reconnected with Laura Sallee and expressed gratitude to all of the En Vivo staff members for the role of En Vivo in her life.

“She continues to have doubts about faith, but she’s been open to talking and we believe the Lord is working,” said Will.

The team’s expectations have changed in 2020 in regard to what success and productivity look like for their ministry.

“Seemingly small gestures mean a lot these days and consistency grows trust,” said Will. “We can say we’re staying consistent in the small things and seeing growth in the relationships that matter.”

campus ministry, En Vivo, Globalscope, Laura Sallee, Salamanca, Spain, Will Sallee