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Marketplace Ministry, Mexico City, Sinapis, Olivia Shank, Mariana Luna, Josh Durand, business, business as missions

CMF Marketplace Ministries partners with Sinapis in Mexico City

In summer of 2021, CMF launched a Marketplace Ministry in Mexico City in partnership with an organization called Sinapis, that empowers “entrepreneurs professionally and spiritually using training and a global support network so they can grow to the next level and transform the world around them”. Sinapis focuses on small and growing businesses, creating new job growth in communities.  

One focus of CMF Marketplace Ministry is on creating economic and spiritual transformation, training and discipling future local entrepreneurs. Marketplace ministers who work in economic development train and empower community members to develop a sustainable and holistic approach to reducing poverty by developing Kingdom-minded businesses. CMF Marketplace Ministries was looking for possible partner organizations who were aligned with CMF’s skillset of creating community, discipling and teaching, specifically along the lines of business creation and sharing the Gospel. It soon became clear that a partnership between CMF and Sinapis made sense in Mexico City.  

Marketplace Ministry, Mexico City, Sinapis, Olivia Shank, Mariana Luna, Josh Durand, business, business as missions
The current Marketplace Ministries team in Mexico City: Olivia Shank, Josh Durand, and Mariana Luna (left to right).

Led by a local entrepreneur in Mexico City, Ondina Morales, and supported by CMF Mexico City Marketplace Ministries team members Olivia Shank, Mariana Luna, and Josh Durand, the CMF/Sinapis partnership launched with a nine week Aspire Launchpad program – a Sinapis training program for idea state and early-stage entrepreneurs – via Zoom in December 2021 with eight local entrepreneurs. In week nine, the participants met in person to present their businesses and network.  

From a Sinapis blog post highlighting the partnership and launch 

“Post-course surveys and conversations highlighted the course’s practical value and the way the lessons were directly applicable to their businesses, the value students saw in learning about connecting faith to how they run their businesses, and the value of networking with the other entrepreneurs.”  

CMF Marketplace Ministries:  

“CMF was looking for ways to promote the creation of good jobs as well as opportunities to share about Jesus – good news for eternity AND good news for now, as good news for eternity should be. We (CMF and Sinapis) talked for a time and then eventually decided to partner, as they were offering something that we could very much see ourselves doing. We’ve taken their model and curricula and blended their approach with ours.”  

CMF is excited about this partnership with Sinapis -- read more about Sinapis and their mission here 

Are you a business-minded professional with a heart for ministry? Learn more about joining our team in Mexico City here!  

business, business as missions, Josh Durand, Mariana Luna, marketplace ministry, Mexico City, Olivia Shank, Sinapis