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South Asia

This large island country is located south of India and has a population of more than 22 million people. The main religion is Buddhism; more than 70 percent of the people claim to be followers of Buddha. In addition, about 13 percent of the population is Hindu, made up of the Tamil ethnic group found in India. Another 10 percent are Muslims of Moor descent and seven percent are Christians, mostly from a Roman Catholic background.

CMF is seeking to reach the unreached Buddhist community through a holistic approach to the gospel using principles of Community Health Evangelism (CHE). The use of Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles and the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method will also be used for outreach and bringing people to Christ.

CMF has one family on the ground who are an American and a national from this country. We are seeking more teammates to come and help with outreach to the Sinhalese Buddhists located here. People with backgrounds in teaching, community development, business and TESOL (teaching English) would be welcome members of the team.

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