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Mary Stephens, Viña del Mar, Chile, El Oasis, campus ministry, CCF, Globalscope

Mary Stephens: ‘I’m going to Chile with Globalscope!’

January 7, 2021

Mary Stephens loves the Chilean culture, especially the fact that when you make a Chilean friend, you are automatically considered a part of their circle of friends. “A sense of belonging is important to me,” Mary said. “That’s why I’m joining the new …

Bethany Bell, La Ruta, Montevideo, Uruguay, Globalscope, campus ministry, Georgia Tech

Bethany Bell: ‘I’m going to Uruguay with Globalscope!’

January 7, 2021

When Bethany Bell spent a semester as an exchange intern with La Ruta campus ministry in Montevideo, Uruguay, “all my passions and talents came together!” “I went out on a limb for a new adventure, but found that speaking Spanish, cooking and cleaning, …

Nicole Shuster, Globalscope, En Vivo, Salamanca, Spain, Georgia Tech, CCF, campus ministry

Nicole Schuster: ‘I’m going to Spain with Globalscope!’

December 10, 2020

Nicole Schuster is a Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in business and leadership development but says “Jesus has shifted my life plan to pursue international campus ministry!” She’s passionate about building relationships, which is a skill she will …

Cara McClain, Salamanca, Spain, campus ministry, En Vivo, Georgia Tech, Globalscope

Cara McClain: ‘I’m going to Spain with Globalscope!’

December 9, 2020

Cara McClain says that “spending time with peop­­­­le” is one of her favorite things, and she’s excited for the opportunity to do that with university students at the En Vivo campus ministry in Salamanca, Spain. “I have visited the ministry and look fo …

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