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Timothy Aho, Tammy Aho, Birmingham, England, Alpha, church planting

New Alpha online groups in U.K. lead to deep discussions

March 2, 2021

A request from a friend who had previously taken Alpha, an 11-week course that explores the basics of the Christian faith, has led CMF team members Timothy and Tammy Aho to start two new online study groups for the course in Birmingham, England. “We ra …

Jeff Meister, Megan Meister, Birmingham, England

Snow is ‘a go’ for ministry in England!

February 23, 2021

Although Birmingham, England, is farther north than Quebec and just as far north as some of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, CMF team members Jeff and Megan report that significant snowfalls are uncommon. But a recent snowstorm led to building some impo …

Rachel Williams, Cait Pitts, Turkana, Kenya, Days for Girls, business, training

Kenyan woman develops ‘Days for Girls’ business

February 3, 2021

Rachel Williams and Cait Pitts, CMF team members in Kenya, continue to see great progress in the Days for Girls women’s health team and its first DfG enterprise owner, Selina. “Selina started a business sewing and selling menstrual hygiene kits for gir …

IDES, Turkana, Kenya, water projects, irrigated farms, wells

IDES supports Turkana water projects with $150,000 gift

February 2, 2021

The Turkana, Kenya, water and farm project just got another big boost from International Disaster Emergency Service of Noblesville, Indiana. When the Turkana farmers received their well from the CMF water project, the difficult labor of planting crops …

Brian Hauser, Ken Hoch, West Africa, Ivory Coast, mentoring, Muslims, Farming God’s Way, CHE, Bible storying

West African ‘Timothy’ is new missionary in Ivory Coast

January 21, 2021

A young West African man who has been mentored by CMF teammates Brian Hauser and Ken Hoch, has taken the big step to serve as a missionary, answering the call from the church association in Ivory Coast to go to an unreached area in that country. “We ha …