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Ethiopian church planters propel strong start to 2021

Last year brought a lot of unexpected challenges to CMF Ethiopia team members Travis and Emily Weeks, but they are happy to report that the ministry with their partner, the Kristos Andinet Churches, is going great!

This grass house was the initial site of the new church in Bacho, Ethiopia. From left: Lemessa Gonfa, a KAC church planter; Travis Weeks and Lijaalem, the new believer who donated the land for the Bacho church building.

New church

One of the bright spots in the ministry is the new church in Bacho, Ethiopia.

“Through an amazing connection between a new believer named Lijaalem and our church planter in Yayyoo, we had the opportunity to start a new church on land that Lijaalem donated to us,” said Travis. “They built a grass house on the land as a meeting place for the first small group of believers.”

The group has since built an expanded worship space to accommodate their growing congregation.

“Members of the young church in Bacho worked together to build the church building (top photo),” said Travis. “They donated wood and labor and CMF helped by providing the corrugated tin for the roof.”

New evangelist Mujaahid preaches a practice sermon at the Nekempte Training Center in Ethiopia.

New believers, new evangelist

Lijaalem didn’t keep his new faith to himself; his son Mujaahid also became a Christian last year.

“Mujaahid was one of the new believers that (church planter) Sufian and I baptized recently,” said Travis. “Now he is driven to share the gospel and serves as an evangelist in their village. He was also one of the first church planters to go through our level one training program in Nekepte.

“I am so proud to work alongside our church planters as they work to bring the gospel to unreached places,” added Travis.

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