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Leah Scharfenberg, Ukraine, youth, camp

Successful Ukraine youth camp focuses on ‘Choices’

“We had a wonderful week of youth camp recently and managed to stay 100 percent COVID-19 free,” reports CMF Ukraine team member Leah Scharfenberg.

There was a good turnout of about 40 young people at the outdoor camp, and “eight of them were non-believers,” she added. “Our theme was ‘Choices,’ and we focused on the gospel and the important choices we make.”

Each day, the camp featured two main sessions and then a small group time to foster relationships and spiritual growth.

“We also had a great time cooking over the fire, swimming and playing games,” said Leah.

Leah Scharfenberg, Ukraine, youth, camp
Ukrainian young people enjoyed playing outdoor games during their week of camping with CMF team member Leah Scharfenberg.

Leah Scharfenberg, Ukraine, youth, camp
The youth camp featured Bible teaching and small group sessions to foster spiritual growth.

Looking ahead to fall, Leah is hoping to re-start her “Bible in English Clubs” in the schools.

“Although the schools here are now open, many teachers think quarantine will start again soon,” Leah said. “Please pray for this situation and that whether or not the school are open, I will be able to find a safe place to host the clubs.”

camp, Leah Scharfenberg, Ukraine, youth