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Move vital ministry forward by giving where needed most.

Seminary of the Nations

The Seminary of the Nations was established by Dr. Steve Hooks to take seminary level education to teachers and preachers around the globe. “Teaching the teachers” was the mission and over the 15+ years of its existence, it equipped local church leaders in over 40 countries.

We are excited to revive Seminary of the Nations and provide a platform for U.S.-based college faculty to receive funding to travel and teach all over the globe! Through the giving of faithful partners, these college faculty members will be able to teach leaders across the world who are taking the good news to their own cultures.

Our plan is to expand the program so that faculty and institutions can apply for funds to bring scholars from other parts of the world to the U.S. to teach seminars and intensive courses. We believe that faculty and institutions are healthier, more creative, and theologically sound when they are connected to God’s mission in other parts of the world and have relationships with Christians from other parts of the world.

If you have a heart to send faculty around the world to pour into local leaders or to receive scholars to edify and equip faculty and institutions in the U.S., we welcome your partnership. If you are a faculty member in need of travel funds or represent an institution that wants to bring a scholar to the U.S., we welcome you to apply. Please email any questions to

We’re excited to see what God has in store as we “teach the teachers!”