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Reframing the Fellowship for the Next 75 Years

This year we are celebrating 75 years of faithful partnering in God’s mission through CMF! We need your continued partnership for the next 75 years, which we believe will be increasingly marked by equipping and resourcing missionaries God is calling from all around the world to join our CMF teams.

We are reframing the Fellowship for the next 75 years of ministry through CMF. Who gets to be included in this work? Whoever God is calling! We have been praying for more workers for the harvest, and they are all around us as we serve around the world.

What an exciting vision!

In recognizing these future needs to support missionaries from everywhere to everywhere in CMF, we have established the Global Ministry Growth Fund. This is a special fund that our Board has restricted to only be used for current and future field ministry needs, not administrative costs. Over time, this fund will help us support our missionaries from outside the US as they join CMF teams.

In recognition of the great work God has done through CMF over the last 75 years, and the challenges of reframing for the next 75 years, will you please give a special gift to CMF’s Global Ministry Growth Fund in 2024?

To learn more or to give visit:
Global Ministry Growth Fund


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