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REACH intern: ‘I know we’ve made a difference here!’

As she closed out her summer as a REACH intern with Grapevine, the Globalscope campus ministry in Bangkok, Thailand, Burgundy Zorn reflected on some of the events that helped her realize that her stay, while brief, had made a difference for God.

“Last week I went out with my Thai friend Num, and at the end of the day I invited her to come to Grapevine with me,” said Burgundy. “She told me she would come because I had to speak that night and she could tell I was nervous!

“When I picked her up later,” Burgundy added, “I thanked her for coming, and she said she had felt called to go. As we walked in the door, Num said, ‘Oh, God is here. He was the one calling me. I’ve heard Him before. That’s what is different about you.’ ”

“Wow,” said Burgundy. “Talk about being speechless.”

Globalscope, REACH, Grapevine, Mark, Bernardino, interns
Globalscope campus ministers Mark and Princess Bernardino, with their kids at left, pose with their summer REACH interns: CaMaye Whyte, Bram Koeller, Burgundy Zorn and Alec Sheets.

Then recently, Ray, a regular basketball teammate, came to Grapevine and witnessed the team praying together.

“Ray said he’d never prayed like that before,” said Burgundy. “He could feel something different about our relationship to God in prayer than what he experienced as a Buddhist.”

Ray went on to ask campus minister Mark Bernardino many questions and expressed an interest in returning to Grapevine in the future to learn more.

“These are just a couple of the visible examples of the seeds we’ve sown here,” said Burgundy. “I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and I have a renewed love for this place. Leaving is so hard, but knowing that we have made a difference here, and that I will be leaving with relationships and a list of people to pray for, has been life changing.”

Bernardino, Globalscope, Grapevine, interns, Mark, REACH