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Neil Newman, Janeen Newman, Ivory Coast, church catalyst, medical, women’s health

Neil and Janeen Newman: ‘We’re going to Ivory Coast with CMF!’

Janeen Newman’s skills and training as a women’s health physical therapist and Neil’s interests in developing churches and leaders make them a natural fit for the work of the CMF team in Ivory Coast.

Janeen has had a long-time, keen interest in the gynecological challenges faced by women in Africa, which will make her an asset to the well-known PIM Clinic in Abengourou, while Neil is looking forward to sharing Christ as a part of the church catalyst team there.

The couple are also excited that their five children will have the opportunity to see Christ in action in other cultures.

Enjoy Neil and Janeen’s brief video:



Church Catalyst, Ivory Coast, Janeen Newman, medical, Neil Newman, women’s health