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Mariana Luna, Mariana Luna de Fortis, Marketplace, CHE, kingdom business, business training

Mariana Luna: ‘I’m serving with CMF Marketplace in Mexico!’

Mariana Luna, a Christian, a business owner and a community development leader in Mexico City, is on a mission to demonstrate that there are “more ways to serve God than just in church work!”

She will be part of the CMF Marketplace team that will start a business training academy in Mexico City next year to train new and current entrepreneurs in applying kingdom business principles to their businesses.

“Training is the best gift we can give people,” said Mariana. “We want to help new entrepreneurs with practical training and inspire Christians to find their calling as business mentors. Kingdom business principles can help people be successful!”

Enjoy Mariana’s exciting and challenging video below.

business training, CHE, kingdom business, Mariana Luna, Mariana Luna de Fortis, marketplace