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Irrigated farms transform lives in the Turkana desert

The clean water wells and farms provided by CMF donors in the Turkana, Kenya, desert are thriving and transforming their communities, even in the midst of a long-time drought, according to CMF team member Eric Pitts.

“We currently have more than 70 irrigated farms throughout the area where we work in Turkana county,” said Eric. “When you visit, it’s incredible to see just how much a little water and care can do. These are truly oases in the desert!”

Recently, Eric and two of the Turkana farm leaders, Eric Lorupoe and Haron Jackson, visited farmers from 21 of the one-acre farms and surveyed them about what was working, what still needed work, and what problems needed attention.


Turkana, Kenya, water, farms, Eric, Pitts
Turkana farms leader Haron Jackson surveys a group of Turkana farmers about their success of their irrigated farms.

Turkana, Kenya, water, farms, Eric, Pitts
Farmers look over their plots on an irrigated farm in Turkana, Kenya.


“During those two weeks, we asked the farmers to tell us how their lives have changed for the better with the farms,” said Eric. “One woman told us how she was able to eat and provide for her family and also help a neighbor and give to her church, thanks to her farm. An older woman shared, ‘This farm is like my husband. It takes care of all my needs!’

“We were thrilled to learn that most farmers use their farms for daily food and to generate income,” added Eric. “In addition, most said they would like us to provide more regular Bible studies. The farmers want their farms to be spiritual as well as physical oases, so we are looking for way to partner with them to make disciples through Discovery Bible Studies, Community Health Evangelism and other ministries.”

You can help provide people in Turkana with irrigation and the opportunity to provide daily food for their families with your gift to Turkana Water Development.

Eric, farms, Kenya, Pitts, Turkana, water