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IDES, Turkana, Kenya, water projects, irrigated farms, wells

IDES supports Turkana water projects with $150,000 gift

The Turkana, Kenya, water and farm project just got another big boost from International Disaster Emergency Service of Noblesville, Indiana.

IDES, Turkana, Kenya, water projects, irrigated farms, wells
When the Turkana farmers received their well from the CMF water project, the difficult labor of planting crops begins.

“IDES continues to be a great partner for CMF, especially in the area of building wells and irrigated farming in the Turkana desert,” said David Giles, CMF’s Director of Church Catalyst. “They have just agreed to provide $150,000 for the water project in Turkana in 2021.”

The cost to build a well and support a farm is about $17,000, so the gift from IDES will support the creation of nine new irrigated farms.

In 2020, the Turkana farming team helped nearly 100 families gain access to solar irrigation for their farms, according to team leader Eric Lorupoe.

“The farmers from the first ones we established at the beginning of 2020 are now enjoying an abundance of food after the last wave of locust invasions,” said Eric. “The farms are now green, and the farmers remain encouraged to keep working to provide for their families.”

“It takes a lot of work and financial support to establish the farms,” said David Giles. “We thank God for IDES and its support of this water project that restores hope to the most vulnerable in Turkana!”

IDES, irrigated farms, Kenya, Turkana, water projects, wells