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Hot dogs, s’mores and a campfire bring friends together for Ireland

What’s better than a gathering of friends around a campfire at a local pumpkin patch? A get-together where the purpose is to support CMF recruit Alicia Bucci and the upcoming Globalscope campus ministry plant in Cork, Ireland!

Cork, Ireland, Alicia, Bucci, Globalscope, campus ministry
Alicia Bucci invited a wide circle of friends to a campfire cookout to hear about her ministry with the new Globalscope campus work in Cork, Ireland.

Alicia recently took advantage of the fall season to invite friends of the Ireland ministry to join her for an evening of food and fellowship. The gathering quickly took on the feeling of what the Ireland team hopes to create in Cork: a place where all are welcomed and loved by God.

“The pumpkin patch is a fun place for all ages and quite the local attraction,” she said. “The best part is the campfires. The day couldn’t have been more perfect; it was cool and clear, and the leaves had started to turn.”

Wide circle of support

People came out in support of the Ireland ministry and to hear how the preparations are coming along.

“There were singles and families, college students and those who are long past those years,” said Alicia. “There were longtime financial and prayer partners and ones who are in prayer about joining the team. I gave an update about the logistics of planting the ministry and talked about finances and visas.”

Everyone who attended was there to support the ministry plant and Alica.

“I felt loved in an incredible way,” she said. “But the biggest takeaway was what I saw happening around the campfire.

Cork, Ireland, Alicia, Bucci, Globalscope, campus ministry
S’mores were on the menu at Alicia’s pumpkin patch get-together for Ireland ministry.

“The circle included those who follow Jesus and those who do not,” she added. “It was an incredible glimpse into what will be prayerfully implemented in Cork — a space that is bold in Christ but welcoming to all. A place that is focused on students with different upbringings, religious backgrounds and social status, where they can be loved and told about the Good News that Jesus brings.”

Looking ahead, Alicia sees a future where she will share with students in Ireland about this cool, autumn Saturday night where people they have never met sat around a campfire, roasting s’mores and cooking hotdogs, caring for these students before they knew their names or stories.

“I’m excited to meet these students, something that is only possible through God and your partnership,” said Alicia. “I can’t wait to get to know their stories and tell them the greatest story of all, God’s redemption of us through Jesus Christ.”

Alicia, Bucci, campus ministry, Cork, Globalscope, Ireland