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Kenya team successfully makes disciples who make more disciples

Good things happen when children pray, according to CMF team members Joe and Kim Cluff, who serve with the Church Catalyst team in Kenya.

Joe, Kim, Cluff, Kenya, church catalyst, DMM
These “harvest workers” are part of the Disciple-Making Movement led by the CMF team in Kenya.

The Cluffs’ ministry focus is training Kenyans in Disciple-Making Movements (DMM), and they recently completed their initial awareness meetings in five counties.

“The chaplain at our kids’ elementary school had the children write prayer cards as they covered four of our trainings with prayer!” said Kim. “Wherever we see fruit from the first meetings, we will try to return to do follow-up trainings.”

The Kenyan follow-up trainers, called “harvest workers,” recently reported great results in a five-hour training meeting.

“They met with 229 people, prayed with 102 of them, and shared their testimonies 88 times, all within five hours!” said Kim.

“Our goal is to see a Disciple-Making Movement, but it is God’s work to start it,” said Kim. “Our work is to pray and go!”