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My sponsored child’s community

Hope Home is registered social welfare home. We are committed to small, family-based care and support for children with special needs in Northern Thailand.  We believe that all children, including those with disabilities are an integral part of our community and that all people benefit from the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities. Therefore, we work to empower children to full participation in every environment. We aim to demonstrate the love of God through our Christian witness and care of children with special needs in order to promote the maximum development for each child with the aim each child is accepted into a permanent family setting. 

Hope Home
Hope Home has a 24/7 residential facility equipped to care for a small number of children with special needs. Children in the small group home include children in need of specialized care, including palliative care, who for some reason are unable to be cared for in their biological families or placed in independent foster care.  We are committed to each child across the lifetime and operate the home as a small family environment.  

Foster Care
We provide meaningful support for families who are fostering children with disabilities. These children live in independent foster families supported by Hope Home. In this situation, the children live in a typical family unit, but Hope Home supports the foster family with education fees, basic daily living help, as well as support and encouragement in their unique circumstances. The type of help varies, based on the family situation, but most often it includes after-school care, school tuition and fees, and medical care. These children live in the immediate neighborhood of Hope Home.

Respite Care
Hope Home is committed to supporting families and helping to empower families to continue caring for their children or relatives whenever possible. Children in are respite care program come from various backgrounds, live with their biological families in a community or village setting. Hope Home provides a variety of services based on the family’s needs, including tangible support such as milk or specialized formulas, transportation to school, help in navigating the hospital and educational system, family support through education and knowledge, encouragement and respite breaks for the parents as needed.

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