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So your child wants to be a REACH intern!

Is your child is considering a REACH summer internship with CMF? Take a look at what some other parents had to say about their REACH experience!

Amy Spradlin, 2017 REACH intern to Nairobi, Kenya

“The support CMF provided to the interns was outstanding throughout this entire process. I never felt like Amy was floating out there by herself; CMF helped the interns process the experience each step of the way. When she was struggling immediately after her arrival in Kenya, she had the support she needed to process through the challenges. I was able to relax and trust, knowing that CMF was offering the support she needed. I am so grateful!” — Angie Spradlin

Education and Sponsorship

Analise Nelson, 2017 REACH intern to Tubingen, Germany

“The greatest thing we can witness as a parent is our children taking ownership of their faith. REACH is that kind of opportunity.” — James Nelson

Rachel Jones, 2017 REACH intern to India

“The REACH staff interviewed the people Rachel listed as references very carefully to get a true feel for what she would be capable of doing. I was impressed with the questions that they asked, and that they did not just want surface information. The staff members pray over the interns before selecting them and throughout their months of preparation. That was huge for my daughter!” — Christa Jones

Community Health Evangelism
Medical ministry

Alyssa Powers, 2017 REACH intern to Nairobi, Kenya

“I was excited that Alyssa was willing to sacrifice and work hard to make a difference, but concerned about her safety and ability to raise the money she needed. But in the end, I was grateful that I allowed her to pursue her God-given desire and trusted God to take care of the details. He did just that! She was always taken care of and had no difficulty raising the money. God provided as always for what He calls you to do!” — Toni Powers

Frequently asked questions that parents ask:

Q: What is CMF?

A: Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) is a Christian mission organization that developed in 1949 out of the independent Christian churches of the Restoration Movement. Our mission states: “We create dynamic Christ-centered communities that transform the world.” To achieve our mission, we use a variety of strategies, including church planting, training and education, international campus ministry, community health evangelism, urban poor ministries, microfinance, marketplace ministries, HIV/AIDS outreach, and medical ministries. CMF currently has 170 missionaries serving in 25 different countries.

Q: Why choose CMF?

A: We believe that there are many good missionary organizations committed to furthering the Kingdom of God. However, CMF has been sending missionaries overseas for 70 years and sending short-term interns to the field since 1992. We pride ourselves on doing it well. We strive to provide the best services, financial accountability, and resources that your child needs to be successful in overseas ministry. We believe you will not be disappointed when you entrust your child to our care.

Q: How will CMF help my child?

A: We work very hard to provide a successful internship experience for your child. We take care of all the necessary details to make sure your child gets to the field safely and well prepared. We train him or her in how to raise support, as well as arranging his visa, airfare, budget, housing, meals, and transportation, accommodations with the missionaries on the field, and pre-departure training, plus extensive debriefing when he returns.

Q: What is a REACH Internship?

A: REACH stands for Relate, Experience, Answer, Change and Help. This two-month summer internship program is designed to introduce mission-minded college-age (and older) individuals to cross-cultural ministry. Interns are involved in a multitude of activities while on the field, which may include work projects, evangelism, medical work, education, discipleship, community health evangelism (CHE), AIDS outreach, house visits, campus ministry, music ministry, or any other ministry that will assist the host missionary. Beyond all these tasks, the goal of your child’s REACH internship is first and foremost a learning experience. He or she will learn about the people, language, and culture of his host country. She will see what “missions” is really like through hands-on experience, learn what God is doing around the world, and discover new things about herself as she is stretched and used by God. For many interns, the REACH summer internship is a life-changing experience that shapes their future decisions and ministry involvement. We believe whole-heartedly that this will be a summer in which God teaches your child and stretches his faith and worldview.

Q: Why do CMF personnel work in teams?

A: Working with a team provides a community of people who hold one another accountable and encourage each other to stay active in ministry. Our personnel also have a team in the home office in Indianapolis who offer professional assistance with a variety of needs.

Q: Where can I serve with CMF?

A: CMF has teams in 26 countries doing a wide variety of ministries, including these:

  • Serve with the urban poor in Ethiopia, helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk children and people infected with HIV/AIDS. 
  • Live in a large city in Asia, where you will meet with groups of college students and young adults, teaching conversational English and finding opportunities to share the gospel through relationships.
  • Train nationals in Mexico, Tanzania or Ukraine, empowering them to spread the Word of God among their own people and plant new churches among unreached peoples.
  • Build relationships with college students in Thailand, Germany or Chile, surrounding these young people with a community that loves them no matter what they believe.
  • Work in a variety of roles with our partners at Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya, to provide educational, medical, and spiritual resources for urban poor children and their families.

The variety of places to go and share in God’s work, and the diversity of people He is using to do that, gets broader every day. Let’s connect to see if the skills God has given you can be put to work on the mission field.