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Visitors bring special talents to women’s and children’s ministries in Turkana

Veterinarian Shannon Tucker admits she sometimes get discouraged by the slow changes she sees in her Community Health Evangelism (CHE) work in Turkana, Kenya, but recent visitors have encouraged her as they recognize how far her work has come.

“The veterinary work is still very simple, and for now, that is what is needed here,” said Shannon. “Every time I started to get discouraged or wished things would go faster, a visitor was here to encourage us all and help us see another goal or step we could add or do a little better.”

Shannon, Tucker, Turkana, Kenya, veterinarian, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, CHE
Shannon’s friend Amy Mefford spoke at a women’s health session for Turkana women.

Two of Shannon’s U.S. friends, Amy Mefford from Illinois and Amanda Knauss from Iowa, each came separately to “do life” with Shannon for a week and shared their special knowledge with the CMF team, local women and ministry partners.

“Amy, who is a Nurse Practitioner and midwife, worked with my teammate Cait Pitts to lead a wonderful question-and-answer session for the women of our Lodwar church,” said Shannon. “It was good for Cait and I to learn about some of the issues, concerns and practices related to women’s health and childbirth that are common here in Turkana. Amy shared a lot of great information and will continue to be a resource in the future.”

Shannon, Tucker, Turkana, Kenya, veterinarian, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, CHE
Amanda Knauss, a friend of Shannon’s from Iowa, offered training for the children’s ministry workers in Turkana, Kenya.

Amanda is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in children’s ministry.

“Amanda leads training for children’s ministry leaders all over the world,” said Shannon. “She shared great insights into working with children with our Sunday school teachers, and they had a great discussion. The best part was that they implemented many of the things she shared with them the very next day at Sunday school!

“We praise God for the incredible year we’ve had thus far, for our vision and goals for 2020, and for the wonderful visitors who shared their lives and knowledge with us here in Turkana,” said Shannon.

CHE, children’s ministry, Kenya, Shannon, Tucker, Turkana, veterinarian, women’s ministry