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REACH intern: ‘A bridge of faith may get walked on!’

“God’s mission is everywhere, so join Him!” says REACH intern Tyler Brittain, who spent his summer in New York City with partner mission organization Global City Mission Initiative.

Tyler worked in both Sikh and Arab communities in Flushing, New York, and he found the work very challenging.

“Yes, we were technically still in the United States, but sometimes you get so deep into a culture that it feels like you’re in another country!” he said. “I learned that I can’t always control my outcomes, but I can control my effort. It was hard, but this is what I want to do with my life, this is what I love. I’m 21 years old; I’m just getting started.”

As his internship progressed, Tyler found that the journey was taking him farther out of his comfort zone every day.

“One lesson I’ve learned loud and clear is to be ready for what you pray for, because God might give it to you,” he said. “When you pray to be a ‘bridge of faith’ for people this week, don’t be complaining to God that ‘I feel like people are walking all over me.’ That’s the point of a bridge!

REACH, intern, New York City, Global City Mission Initiative
Tyler Brittain and his fellow REACH interns Rachael Dennis and Courtney Schuler learned to navigate New York City by subway during their summer internship there.

REACH, intern, New York City, Global City Mission Initiative
REACH interns Tyler Brittain, left, and Courtney Schuler visited the Brooklyn Bridge with a new friend during their internship in New York City this summer.

“I’m also learning that just because God is giving me what I asked for doesn’t mean that’s the end; quite the opposite; — that’s just the beginning,” he added. “I’ve learned so much this summer and I’m taking so much back with me to work on.”

Go here to find out how you can have an experience like Tyler’s in summer 2020!

Global City Mission Initiative, intern, New York City, REACH

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