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Keith Ham, Kathy Ham, Mary Kamau, Wallace Kamau, MOHI, Angaza, camp

MOHI’s Angaza Camp prepares for first campers

The new Angaza Discovery Camp in Kenya recently held a “simulation camp” for its mentors (counselors) and head teachers in preparation for the opening of the long-awaited Missions of Hope oceanside facility this week.

Keith Ham, Kathy Ham, Mary Kamau, Wallace Kamau, MOHI, Angaza, camp
The new counselors at Angaza Discovery Camp saw the ocean for the first time when they arrived for their training camp.

Keith Ham, Kathy Ham, Mary Kamau, Wallace Kamau, MOHI, Angaza, camp
Here are some of the tents that are used for activities at the Angaza Discovery Camp.

CMF team members Keith and Kathy Ham, who have spearheaded the development of the camp with MOHI directors Wallace and Mary Kamau, interviewed many MOHI graduates for the staff positions.

“Sitting with them and listening to their stories was such an encouragement,” said Kathy. “We were so glad that Mary was able to hear in person the impact that MOHI has had on these young adults.”Since all the counselors are MOHI graduates, the idea of “camp” is very new to them; most have never even seen the ocean before.

“We wanted all of our mentors and head teachers to have the experience of being campers before they became leaders for younger children,” said Kathy. “Our CMF teammates and Arty VanGeloof from Eastside Christian Church provided the camp know-how. And even though we could only use about half of the facilities due to continued construction, it was a great week!”


Kathy listed many highlights from the week, including “watching the faces of the staff members as they came over the hill and saw the ocean for the first time and ran straight into the water! That look of joy will be forever etched in our brains!”

Other highlights included the dedication of the camp bell and tower to Keith Ham, daily small group Bible studies, wonderful corporate worship and a special talk from Arty VanGeloof about the expansiveness of the universe, complete with a pair of binoculars for everyone so they could look at the moon.

“And then one night, Mary Kamau spoke to the staff, and told stories of holding many of them as babies and toddlers in the MOHI schools,” said Kathy. “She explained how they are going to impact the lives of sixth-graders who are experiencing the same issues of poverty that they did when they were young.

“The look on the faces of these young adults was solemn and committed,” added Kathy. “They get it. They want to share Jesus’ love with the children, as others did for them.”

Angaza, camp, Kathy Ham, Keith Ham, Mary Kamau, MOHI, Wallace Kamau

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