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Cody Spencer, En Vivo, Salamanca, Spain, campus ministry, Globalscope

‘En Vivo is a home for countless students, and for me!’

Cody Spencer went to Salamanca, Spain, in 2012 to serve with the Globalscope En Vivo campus ministry. He planned to spend three years learning, growing, teaching, leading, having fun and seeing God change lives, but ended up serving for eight years.

Now this chapter of his life is closing, and Cody recently reflected on his eight years as a campus minister by the numbers:

Since I moved to Salamanca, I have …

  • Met roughly 1,000 students at En Vivo.
  • Served about 1,200 cups of coffee.
  • Crossed the Atlantic Ocean 26 times.
  • Cleaned En Vivo about 250 times.
  • Given about 50 talks/sermons.
  • Witnessed 10 students be baptized.
  • Lived in four different apartments with five different roommates.
  • Had two cats (one died; one was a foster cat).
  • Considered quitting twice.
  • Fallen in and out of love with this city countless times.
  • Been blessed and encouraged every day with an amazing team and community of friends!

“I hope this gives you a sense of why and how much En Vivo matters,” said Cody. “It has truly become a ‘home’ for countless students and for me, as well.”


campus ministry, Cody Spencer, En Vivo, Globalscope, Salamanca, Spain

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